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Indoor Air Quality

Products that protect, filter and refresh the air inside your home.
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Indoor Air Quality is something you've probably heard about as a Toms River homeowner. So is indoor air quality just a buzz word used to extract more money out of your wallet? The answer is no. Indoor air quality (IAQ) products can actually work miracles for the health and comfort of your home.

Modern homes are built to be energy efficient, but this in turn traps pollutants inside to be recycled over and over by your heating and cooling system. What pollutants are we talking about? Toxins from paint, household cleaners, finishing products, pet dander, viruses and mold. There are more, but you get the idea. The good news is that indoor air quality (IAQ) products exist to clean and refresh your air without costing you in efficiency.

The important thing to understand about IAQ products is that they are not mutually exclusive. A ventilator has a distinct purpose, and cannot perform the job of a humidifier, or an advanced air cleaner. Read about IAQ products below, or call BC Express today at (732) 240-2828 for more information.

Toms River Indoor Air Quality
Toms River Indoor Air Quality
1. Advanced Air Cleaner
Toms River indoor air quality solutions begin with the Carrier Evolution™ air purifier. When heating and air conditioning, your system pulls air from your home. This air is sent through a filter before it enters your HVAC system. The Carrier air purifier is able to filter out microscopic particles from your air. The effectiveness of an air cleaner is measured with a MERV rating.
Toms River UV Lamp
2. UV Lamp
Sometimes the purpose of a UV lamp is misunderstood. A UV lamp performs one function very effectively: they kill mold that can grow inside the indoor coil system. An evaporator coil or fan coil has a dark, damp interior when cooling in the summer. This is a breeding ground for mold. If mold grows it can get into your air, and decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning. A UV Lamp kills this mold, and protects your air.
Toms River Ventilator
3. Ventilator
An energy recovery ventilator is truly a piece of art. A ventilator is able to take outside air and exchange it with inside air, while transferring the heat energy. It's like opening a window in the middle of a cold Midwest winter without having a heavy impact on your utility bills. A ventilator is a key component to IAQ, and keeps the air fresh inside your home.
Toms River Whole House Humidifier
4. Whole House Humidifier
Winter air is dry which makes your house seem colder. Dry air can hurt wood furniture and instruments, and cause other discomforts like dry skin. A whole house humidifier plugs into your HVAC system, and replenishes the humidity in your home. You will be more comfortable, and spend less money on your heating bills!
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Toms River Indoor Air Quality

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